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Rain or shine, Our Arts District Car Show Case goes on!

Rain or shine, Our Arts District Car Show Case goes on!

What a turn out! With the community coming together stronger than ever our last Wednesday Invasion was a huge success. At first there was a lot of up in the air with the weather rolling in dark clouds, high winds and a pinch of rain. But the sky cleared up just in time and seriously put on a display of one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen here in a long time.

Rain or shine didn’t deter the car enthusiasts either way. Over 350 registered cars made it out that night. Made possible by each of them and our sponsors we owe a debt of gratitude for such a memorable night. The parking lot was full of awesome community member’s builds. The promenade was bustling with foot traffic with people enjoying the vendors displayed with a bunch of their shop and customer builds. The 18Bin was packed at every table with friends, families and teams taking advantage of the event discounts. It was quite the atmosphere and I’m extremely proud of it.

We hope to extend these vibes out to the next event at the Arts District coming up July 27th. And now the El Dorado Cantina at Tivoli Village coming up July 13th! We hope you’ll join us for the both of those too and show our sponsors some love for helping us along this journey.

There’s over 600 photos here so you may want to jump on your desktop to look through them. All free to download but please credit the photographer and give @lasvegascarmeets a tag when you use them. Thank you!