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Cruisekhana down the Las Vegas strip for Ken Block

Cruisekhana down the Las Vegas strip for Ken Block

Almost as soon as I saw the heartbreaking news of Ken Block’s passing I started to receive messages asking me if we would do a meet in his honor. I immediately started brainstorming how to go about it. Inspired by Ken Block’s Electrikhana video I thought something on the Strip would be an amazing way to memorialize him. So I got bold and placed a call to The Strat where Pamela heard me out and elevated my request. Lauren after that was so phenomenal in helping strategize and was the one who suggested that we use their parking lot that is within feet of the very Las Vegas archway sign that Ken Block finished his final moments of the Electrikhana video. With our destination secured now I needed the launch point.

I wanted the route to be unproblematic for everyone to get from point A to B so a location just off the South Las Vegas Blvd would be ideal. First we tried Town Square and although the property manager was interested ultimately their corporate shut down the idea. Boooo Town Square. But thankfully just a block away is Gene Woods Racing Experience which was my first choice but unfortunately I know they have no control over the lights in the lot (the sports park does) which means although it’s a big space and the go-kart racing will give people something to do while we stage up, it would be very dark there. Thankfully it all worked out just fine.

Before we left we were greeted by some police presence and upon approaching an officer to see if there was anything we could do for them he just said “We’re just patrolling to make sure everything is under control. You guys have a good night out there.”, to my relief. Better yet as part of their normal weekend routine they were already staged all down the Strip which I know helped the event continue to go smoothly for us. Inevitably we were all subject to the same traffic jam that plaques the strip between Tropicana to Flamingo but once we were passed that it was easy cruising to the Strat.

One we arrived vehicles continued to trickle in for a few hours after that. And I cannot thank their staff Sterling, Michael, Zachary and their team enough. They were there the whole night to watch over everyone vehicles as we headed inside to patronize the Strat where they had hot food, cold drinks and plenty of gaming to offer everyone.

I believe that although the reasons we were all brought together could not be more unfortunate but I know that we absolutely succeeded in honoring Ken Block in a way that will continue to bring a smile to those who remember him fondly thanks to all of you in the community who made it happen.