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Filmworkz Wednesday Invasion Coverage from 1/23/2019

Filmworkz Wednesday Invasion Coverage from 1/23/2019

Another great car meet turn out thanks to you all! Participation is growing at all of our locations and Filmworkz is especially seeing more people make it out. Nestled off in a corner near the strip this single lane parking lot is pushed to it’s limit with about 300 spaces. What I love about this spot is the effortless walk end to end to check out everyone’s ride. Unfortunately it’s the darkest location but that doesn’t seem to discourage our community from coming. The cold gets to us but thankfully Perros Chidos keeps their long line moving at the food truck serving up hot food we all love to get down on.

Filmworkz doors were open and their studio was filled with people checking out their projects including some breast cancer awareness ribbons going on @michiross’s well known yellow and pink Dodge Charger. The TV was streaming our Youtube channel while all the sponsored things were set out on display. Owner Ricky was running around as usual getting asked questions left and right that turned into appointments for some custom full color car club windshield banners, a full wrap coming up and some team t-shirts. We appreciate him a lot for partnering with us, offering exclusive discounts for our members and supporting our car community for this past year by having us come out to his shop.

Wrapping up our meet we finished with our free raffle of good stuff donated by our gracious sponsors. Quality detailing spray “Finale” and “Shine” from @aerodetailproducts, the latest issue #7 from @vegasautomag, JDM decals from @247skins, and cases of the most popular flavors from @ripitenergy. Did you miss out? We do this raffle weekly for free! At 9pm we meet up and ask participants to post a photo on social media tagging our sponsors for their ticket. A little love goes a long way to keep everyone happy and the community strong. So we appreciate you for your support, for coming out, keeping it cool, picking up after yourselves and for enjoying your evenings with us at Las Vegas Car Meets. We hope you’ll join us again! Make sure you’ve got notifications on our Youtube channel, Facebook group and Instagram page so you’ll never miss out on the next big thing!

Check out some quality photos taken by our friend @manolosk8!