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Top 10 of 2023

Top 10 of 2023

2023 was quite a year! Here’s some of my favorite events with photos I took.

  1. Cruisekhana – After the untimely loss of Ken Block we were able to set up a strip cruise with 600 vehicles. Thanks to @stratvegas we were able to host our meet and remember the legend together.
  2. Cars & Cafe – We launched our morning meet with great success. After a few months, sadly, we outgrew the space and have missed the great people at @pikeycoffee since.
  3. @banginggears – Thanks to my @carmmunityusa was able to check out the production of the upcoming show. I was able to get some behind the scenes coverage and share it with my followers!
  4. Collab meets at James Regional – Before people ruined it for everybody, we had a good run of meets held by various clubs and nights at the James Regional Park. Ever since there hasn’t been a location quite the same.
  5. @relentlessmuscle shows – Between the Poker Run, Community BBQ and Fall Throwdown it’s hard to pick! But I look forward to working with the team in 2024 on more.
  6. @vegasdrift – I’m never disappointed when I get to go to Vegas Drift. With them we’ve been able to sponsor drivers @gustxvob and @hellaslowc6 through the season and I can’t wait for this coming year of events!
  7. @360carshow – Both Flavors of Alpha and the Great Las Vegas Taco Festival are the largest events in Las Vegas to include a car show. With amazing locations and a ton of food, vendors and entertainment during the show you get an unrivaled experience and we are always proud to be a part of it.
  8. @calicreaming – Finally made our first venture to vendor out of state. And we’re glad we did because the Cali Creaming crew knows what they’re doing! Show, drag and drift made for an awesome day. We’ll have to go back soon!
  9. @fuelfest – Finally, Fuel Fest got to put on the show we all hoped for. We had a great time checking out all the rides, listening to the live performances on stage, and watching the drift do their thing.
  10. @semashow – Of course the SEMA show gets a mention on this list. As the single largest trade show event in the world right in our backyard. My favorite part was the @optimabatteries course!
    What are you looking forward to most on 2024?