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Porsche Road Trip premiere coverage

Porsche Road Trip premiere coverage

Every time I run in to John Polnik and his crew they’re doing something new. Known for his contributions to the Cars und Kaffee monthly meet, the annual Vegas Auto Fest and several online vlogs, podcasts and series he’s now the man behind his own online series featured on Pluto.tv with 8 episodes! The other night we were lucky enough to get invited to his premier night at the Art Houz Theaters in Downtown Las Vegas.

Lined up the side walk were a collection of his close friends Porsches. Classics dating back through the 60s to 90s. Modern Porches like this slick Viper Green 911 GT3 RS. My favorite had to be the one very special 904 Carerra GTS I took the majority of photos of. That was enough to make my night but it only got better from there.

Inside they served us drinks and food samplers. While everyone was dressed up in blazers I was in my oversized tee and ripped jeans as per usual. The exclusive showing was set up in the theater and after some words by John we got to enjoy the first and and last episodes of his first season. I encourage you to check it out for yourself because we really enjoyed the down to Earth, humble true car enthusiast vibes this show gives off.

In his first episode John visits the amazing garage of Adam Carolla in LA. A well known comedian, actor, entrepreneur and avid race car driver. They talk about his hobby around collecting and driving cars over the years. Then they introduce John’s good friend “The Professor” who talks about his life long obsession with Porsche and although his his love for taking them on the twisting back roads of California. Las Vegas local Maria Casey talks about her recent acquisition of her first Porsche and her involvement in the community. Back in LA Kevin Hunter from hit 80’s band Wire Train talks about the taboo culture around modifying Porsches like his engine swapped 914. Finally Laurina Rose or Espo Porsche and founder of the Womeninporsche group talks about her love for the industry and community.

John did a fantastic job of capturing the individual stories of people from all walks of life and the impact of the Porsche brand on their lives. It made you realize how wide a variety of enthusiasts there are out there and feel that much closer to them.

Go watch for yourself free at https://pluto.tv/on-demand/series/porsche-road-trip/season/1/episode/la-2019-1-101