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Cars und Kaffee at The Good Wolf LV

Cars und Kaffee at The Good Wolf LV

Did I drag myself out of bed for a second time this month for an early Sunday morning car meet? Heck yes! And I’m glad I did. Cars und Kaffee is put on the last Sunday of the month. It mixes perfectly with Gears and Grinds, which I wrote about here, that takes place on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. Both have their own unique charm. While Gears and Grinds is held at a Cafe, Cars und Kaffee brings the cafe right to you with the Aspire Coffee House trailer parked right outside The Good Wolf Lifestyle co. A nifty thrifty, home goods and clothing store right in the heart of Downtown Main Street Las Vegas.

The vehicles drawn here are of all sorts. Lots of Porsche enthusiasts of both new and old. Saw several Lamborghinis. Some crowd killers, er I mean Mustangs. Some VW busses and a few others I couldn’t even guess to tell you who makes them. One thing I like the most is the calm vibes. No rowdy behavior tolerated here just people grabbing some hot coffee to stay warm, shopping the goods in the store and chatting as they move about the collection of vehicles as they come and go through the event.

I’m not a morning person by any means but I definitely suggest you take it easy one of these Saturday nights so that you can get up early for once and make it out to either of the awesome Sunday events offered through the month! Don’t forget to follow our Instagram for the latest event updates including these and many more.