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Coverage from Wednesday Invasion at Tire Xpress – July 3rd, 2019

Coverage from Wednesday Invasion at Tire Xpress – July 3rd, 2019

Our Wednesday Invasion car meet had another big turn out as you’ll see. They continue to bring in such a mix of vehicles. We thank everyone for coming out to be a part of our efforts. We must be doing something right.

Huge thanks to Tire Xpress for the invite! Aero Detail Products sponsored a bunch of sample products including a $40 travel kit we got to give away to a instagram follower. Leencustoms pins sent out 2 enamel pins we hid amongst the cars and left the crowd to be the first one to find them got to take one home. All these contributions made for a fun addition to the night.

Perros Chidos and JJ Wild Treat are grateful to everyone for jumping in their lines to grab food. We’re glad we can provide a safe space for so many to park, chill and eat. Hot dogs and loaded french fries have become a staple in our diet every Wednesday night. The ice cream has definitely been a welcome addition as the heat cranks up out here. We’re happy to partner with these incredible family businesses to provide all that show up and opportunity to get fed on site.

Overall there wasn’t really any problems this week. There was still some trash left behind that we had to pick up but far less than we saw some weeks ago so that’s an improvement we appreciate. A word of caution to everyone though. If you’re one of those “cool kids” that likes to peel rubber on the way out and leave side ways just know we don’t condone, support, encourage or respect you for leaving the spot like that. The police had to make a visit just after 10pm to let us know they actually know exactly what we do and are fine with it since we work with businesses to support what we do but because of people recklessly hitting the street as they leave they had to come and park until everyone was leaving around 11. Thankfully they didn’t break up the meet so they are a welcome sight because with their presence of course there are far less likely to be any incidents.

To everyone else who came simply to enjoy the evening, cars and company we appreciate you being a part of what we do. The magic was captured this week below by a bunch of wonderful photographers so take a look to see if your car was included in the albums.

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