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Cinnaholic Wednesday Invasion Coverage – May 29th, 2019

Cinnaholic Wednesday Invasion Coverage – May 29th, 2019

Well the Cinnaholic spot was fun while it lasted Wednesday night. For the 2 hours we were there at least we had an amazing 500 car turn out. For a new location that was incredible to see the cars filled up from every corner. The Cinnaholic and surrounding businesses were full of our people and wanted to express their thanks to everyone for coming! Ultimately the sheer size drew too much attention and we got kicked out for the first time in years by the police. So many of you have been asking what happened so sit back and enjoy the short story if you’d like. If you’re just here for the photos then scroll on down and check out the art @manny_shootz captured this week!

I’m extremely appreciative of every single person who came because even with so many cars out there we had no issues. There was no insistent revving or peel out incidents. A true show of respect and support for what we do. The frustrating part of that night is that even with our best behavior we still got the boot from cops apparently all because the Albertsons felt that we were interrupting their business. It made no never mind the Cinnaholic owner, security guard and property manager all did their best to convince them we were absolutely wanted their for the business.

One second we were doing our thing and then next second brought 6 police SUVs. I convened with them, the business owner and the property manager to explain to them what we do on a regular basic and that we were invited to the property to support the local businesses. At first they wanted us to negotiate with their complaints so we cleared a whole area for Albertsons shoppers, made sure the handicap spots all had placards and I got to jump on their loud speaker to announce anything consumed by individuals in the public space cannot be alcoholic. They seemed to be receptive to what we were doing. We thought having met their requests that they were packing up but just before they could a supremely overzealous officer arrived to make the situation worse. He decided that we were an unlawful gathering and went on to say we needed a permit even on private property and literally anyone who shared flyers online required a promoters license. We argued insistently trying to bide our time. He threatened to ticket us and call another part of their organization out that “handles situations like this”. so at that I decided to call it a night and made my rounds letting everyone know we needed to pack it up. It’s so disappointing for that particular police station to not understand that we come to these meets in large part to private a safe space to collaborate the car community and in so doing we combat street racing and kicking us out only put upset and angstful drivers out on the roads by the 100s when we were doing nothing more than trying to bridge the community together with some local businesses. A sad turn of events on an otherwise terrific night but not to be defeated rest assured all we will be back at it again! Thank you for your continued support!

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