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Wednesday Invasion Coverage – Fun Tacos with over 400 cars 1/30/2019

Wednesday Invasion Coverage – Fun Tacos with over 400 cars 1/30/2019

New video up of this week car meet up on Youtube ! Thanks to @sincityoverland for the drone footage! Go give it a like, leave a comment and subscribe to the channel to never miss out on the next video you might make it in if you’re at our shows.

That was a great turn out! Lots of beautiful cars and a ton of great people. Fun Tacos definitely appreciates the business you help stir up when you come with an empty tummy for them to fill. Our goal has always been to bridge the gap between car communities and businesses.

It’s a difficult thing for places unaffiliated with the automotive industry to support us because of the liability associated with some individuals wreck-less behaviors that doesn’t reflect well on the true car enthusiasts. Las night unfortunately being no exception when around 10pm someone did donuts in the parking lot. I got to confront him at which point some others tried to stand up for him and shoo me off which didn’t fly with me or the rest of the amazing people behind me backing me up.

Ultimately they are no longer welcome to the meets and as the representative of the business hosting us I have been told any time someone is unwelcome they will be prosecuted with trespassing if they return and do not leave. A lesson learned the hard way by a few people in the past but as always I will remain vigilant to protect our meets and community.

I have no tolerance for those kinds of people. I do not consider them enthusiasts as they have zero respect for the car community as a whole. It’s sad when 400 people can come together but one person lacks the common sense enough not to risk endangering others, giving the rest of us a bad reputation and potentially costing us the locations we work hard to negotiate to allow us to come. If we were kicked out for that then not only would the car scene suffer the loss of a great location, but it would effect my business hosting these events and the family ran businesses that rely on us to support them in return for using their locations. It’s the single most selfish thing you can do at a meet so please do not be inconsiderate of others and in the future remember these events do not endorse revving, burnouts or donuts.

That said I’d like to extend a huge thank you again to the majority of all the incredible people the participate in our events and contribute to our success! We hope you enjoyed yourselves and will continue to be a part of our family as we move forward to make our scene a bigger and better environment for us all.

Great photos by @manolosk8