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Sneak peak of the Banging Gears TV series

Sneak peak of the Banging Gears TV series

Coming soon to Amazon Prime video services is a show for all the gear heads. Banging Gears started it’s filming process here in Las Vegas at the Speedway where in just 2 week they accomplished what most production teams could only hope to do in months. Nearly 100 cars from across the country came to face off head to head to answer the question “WHICH ARE BETTER – SUPERCARS OR JDM CARS?”

Hosted by Adam LZ, James MrJWW, and Colette Davis this show will dive into the rivalry between the Supercars and JDM in multiple feats of speed, endurance and agility. I was fortunate to get a day on set with our friends Carmmunity and snagged these photos along the way. I would love to share more but I don’t want to spoil the show. Stay tuned for updates when the series goes live on Amazon Prime Video later this year!

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