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Infinite LV & Team No Team stake their claim as car meets hosts

Infinite LV & Team No Team stake their claim as car meets hosts

Putting together car meets is never an easy task. There’s a lot behind the scenes that goes into it if you want your meets to be ongoing. Infinite LV and Team No Team together managed to put together a plan for a successful night and I hope they’ll keep it up.

The teams got the property involved so that we would be welcome on the lot. A simple but crucial step most hosts fail to do. Without working with the businesses it doesn’t take long before they make a call to the police. This night we probably would’ve gone uninterrupted but a basic Camaro thought it was a good idea to do a weak burn out in the parking lot which was enough to prompt a few police to roll out. They patrolled the lot and set up on the street waiting for people to race by but at least their presence seemed to keep everyone else in attendance peaceful. The meet was able to go on all the way up until the businesses started to lock up for the night.

Space was plentiful and good thing because they managed to attract at least over 100 cars. Lot of familiar faces from around other meets Las Vegas Car Meets hosts or participates in as well as some I haven’t seen yet like the first photo in the gallery of someone’s neat green VW Beetle. Great to see others taking the initiative to put on meets for the community to enjoy. You can count of seeing me out their to support them the next time either of these clubs hosts. For updates follow their socials Infinite LV and Team No Team. Click to see the full photos from the meet below. Download, share and don’t forget to tag LasVegasCarMeets for a repost on our story!