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Over 400 photos from Wednesday Invasion at Cinnaholic

Over 400 photos from Wednesday Invasion at Cinnaholic

Phew took awhile to upload this batch of photos! Thanks to the contributions of some talented people we have over 400 for you to scroll through. Even this many photos will barely give you an idea of just how many cars turned out for our Wednesday Invasion meet at Cinnaholic.

Thanks to them we got to use a huge lot with perfect lighting and a bunch of options around to eat, drink and play at during the meet. Cinnaholic themselves stayed slammed the entire night with people getting down on their menu of gourmet cinnamon rolls and drinks. So grateful they reached out to work with us following up from the last time we worked with them and had an issue with an overzealous manager from Albertsons complaining about the parking spaces we take up. Sad that some people just have such a bad chip on their shoulder they can’t bare to see the community out having a good time especially when we bring so much business to shopping centers that accommodate us you think it’d be a more welcome change in their routine.

Fortunately I think this other Cinnaholic location was even better in the end for us. All the feedback came back positive from surrounding businesses so looks like we’ll be back again. Thanks to every single person who made it out. So much appreciation for being a part of the car community, driving carefully, respecting the lot and supporting LVCM and the businesses we partner up with to provide a fun, safe and consistent experience.