A day out on a Las Vegas Car Meets photoshoot

A day out on a Las Vegas Car Meets photoshoot

Out on the warmest day yet of 2019 we grabbed model @Noelaniselena, Photographer @ooblindman and some of our close friends from @team_no_team to go photoshoot in beautiful Downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street and The Arts District.

We started on the mural littered walls around Fremont Street. Without much interruption we rotated the cars into position for their exclusive photo sets. Moving deeper into downtown we came up to the graffiti neighborhood where there was a swath of photographers already out. There were amateurs testing out their newest equipment with friends, professional photographers and models, even a clothing line cataloging their latest line of products. We were flattered at the gawking they did over our cars as we crept in off the street. Everyone was really polite and made way for us to get in a few shots at each spot we eyed.

By this time the light blaring down all morning had our model feeling the fatigue so we took scarce photos. We were all a bit wiped since getting up with the twilight to prep for the shoot, meeting up and planning out the routes we’d take to each location. We may have gone out a little underprepared and that easily makes a day overwhelming when you’re trying to collaborate people and ideas on the fly. A great lesson for all of us organize our skillsets for the next adventure out. Between coordinating, driving, photographing, and persevering through the day we all made a really great experience out of it.

Much appreciate to everyone for sticking in their for the duration and making for great memories and some amazing looking photos! From the graffiti covered alleys of Fremont to the distinct visual art lining buildings downtown. The colors were the perfect backdrop and contrast to our vehicles. @oohblindman captured the moments in these magnificent photos. Enjoy the gallery and message him on Instagram if you’re interested in a private shoot for yourself or club! If you need a model reach out to @Noelaniselena as she’d love to keep doing her thing!

Model : @Noelaniselena
Photographer : @oohblindman
Vehicles :