Midnight Mayhem Drag Race Invasion January 18th, 2018

In 2019 let’s encourage some friendly and safe racing! O’Reilly Auto Parts Midnight Mayhem at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway is the safe alternative to illegal street racing down a quarter mile of track and we should be a part of it. January 18th we’re going to meet up in the Northern parking area. You don’t have to race to participate. Spectators are only $5 to enjoy the sights and sounds of drag racing from 6pm-Midnight. Drivers are $20 after inspection or $15 for anyone who would like to park but not race. The concession stand can provide all the food and beverage we need so don’t worry if you forget the cooler. All the regulations are below so please read up to meet the criteria if you’d like to race!

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Fees and admission:
Spectator: $5
Car and driver (tech card): $20
Ride-along passenger: $15
Show vehicle/pit area parking pass: $15


  • All drivers must have a valid license.
  • No weapons or alcohol are permitted at Mayhem events.
  • NO SHORTS ALLOWED for racers and passengers when racing. Cars running an E.T. of 13.99 or quicker MUST HAVE A HELMET.
  • Any driver or ride-along passenger under the age of 18 must have a valid parental consent form on file at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (these must be filled out at the entrance to the event, parent or legal guardian must be present and provide proof)
  • No one under the age of 16 is permitted to ride-along in a vehicle during the event.
  • Only one ride-along passenger per vehicle permitted.
  • Passengers not permitted in vehicles running 13.99 or quicker.
  • All vehicles must be street legal, in safe working condition and have a valid registration and insurance. License plates must be displayed (Temporary plates are not permitted).
  • No trailers are allowed in the pits for Mayhem participants.
  • All vehicles must pass a standard NHRA safety and tech inspection by the SFI certified inspectors on site at the event. Vehicles running 11.49 or quicker may be subject to additional safety requirements. Vehicles running 9.99 or quicker must have an NHRA license.
  • All drivers and passengers are required to wear full-length pants, shoes and socks. Nylon or nylon-type clothing and open-toe shoes are prohibited. Shorts, bare legs, tank tops, or bare torsos prohibited.
  • The only slicks permitted are D.O.T. stamped drag radial tires.
  • All motorcycles riders are required to have a Snell full coverage helmet, leather jacket, leather gloves and leather boots or shoes that cover the ankle area.
  • Motorcycles running an E.T. of 10.99 or quicker or exceeding 120 mph in the quarter mile may be subject to additional safety requirements.
  • Motorcycles running an E.T. of 9.99 and quicker or exceeding 135 miles per hour must have an NHRA license.