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Rides & Coffee October with Detail Garage Las Vegas

Rides & Coffee October with Detail Garage Las Vegas

The once a month show on the last Saturday morning from 10am-1pm

The momentum is growing as we see more and more participants at Detail Garage Las Vegas in their Rides & Coffee on the last Saturday of each month. They provide the location, entertainment and bunch of product to attendees. We’ve now moved the event to a more comfortable 10am-1pm. With the weather cooling down it’s a welcome change which proved to be the right move as the younger enthusiasts actually made it out with crusty’s still in their eyes. Cars new, old, pristine and dirty all rolled in. 

Once everyone was settled we kept the energy going with competitions and raffles at the top of every hour. Starting off there’s our doughnut eating contest. All the children more than happily volunteered as some overly confident adults thought it was going to be an easy win against their half size opponents. To their dismay though a young’n beat them by a mile and got to take home a fitting Chemical Guys Fresh Glazed Doughnut car scent to his parents on top of his sugar rush. At noon the cars lined up around the lot for the rev battle. We put them up front one by one. Through the crowd’s roar of applause we narrowed down a close call between 3 finalists. Kevin Jackson’s Mustang took home the bragging rights this month and will be back in December to compete against all previous winners to determine the king of loud this year.

To finish up our day down before our final raffle we put adults only in a Fun Taco’s sponsored eating contest, with one super hot taco lurking in the pile for each contestant. It was hilarious to watch them dig at the plate with no hands in anticipation until the distinct face of suffering let everyone know they’d found it. Surprisingly they all managed to eat the majority of their tacos. They played for pride and hopefully the first to finish was consoled with the glory of a win and some free water. Detail Garage raffled off a gracious amount of their products to the group including detailers, scents, interior cleaning, wheel cleaner, tire shine and a full bucket of essential cleaning supplies. Thanks Detail Garage Las Vegas for the serving the community. Join us next month if you missed out on the last Saturday of the month from 10am-1pm