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The LASVEGASCARMEETS\\\COM growing community

The LASVEGASCARMEETS\\\COM growing community

Article from Vegas Automotive Magazine

Words by Michael Christopher

If you haven’t been out to the local meets lately been missing out because over the year the automotive community has come together bigger and better than ever before thanks to Las Vegas Car Meets’ efforts. The domestics are hanging with the imports. Trucks roll along with the motorcycles. New and old park side by side. And this is happening every single week. Organizing is no easy task but it’s been very successful so far with the support of everyone involved. Ranging from 200+ cars on Wednesday alone the meets are always open to all makes and models with no judgements made. This open invitation makes you feel welcome and excited to be a part of this flourishing local collective. With combined energies of car clubs and businesses to provide the space collaboration is key and the one proven to success. LVCM facilitates the need that had long been missing and the city reacted with enthusiasm. Prime time, place and consistency keep everyone coming back for more which has led to multiple additional meets throughout the week that LVCM helps to endorse. Before LVCM the attendance was down in the community because ultimately the individuals they make the meets a reality were not consolidated. They had no one to look to which was unfortunate considering Las Vegas has always had a natural relationship with the automotive industry that just needed to be fully realized. Our city hosts some of the largest automotive gatherings in the world with SEMA show, Motor Trend’s International Auto Show, Viva Las Vegas, Barrett Jackson Auctions and Cars & Coffee Las Vegas to name a few. Now we’re creating our own local car culture. LVCM came to be because there was a need that wasn’t being met and it’s going better than anyone could’ve imagined. The past year of learning, planning, and growth we’ve seen we hope to see continue. The sleeping giant that is the Las Vegas car scene has finally awoken and is ready to challenge the other major car enthusiast cities and best part is you’re able to be a part of that. What’re you waiting for? Get out there with us by following @lasvegascarmeets on Instagram.